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Ongoing Workshops

Bringing Spirituality, Healing and Transformation to the Workplace

CHI believes that the "human touch" is what brings soul to business. The realm of spirit and the new world of work join hands in these uplifting and empowering programs. We invite you to bring your knowledge, thoughts and curiosity to the table while learning how you can make an impact and effect change in the workplace.

CHI workshops are designed for people at all levels in business and in the healing profession who share this common passion. Together, we will explore the value of spirituality and healing in the workplace.

Holistic Branding®
How to Build, Promote & Market
Your Business and Practice

In this dynamic workshop designed for Holistic Practices and Earth-friendly Businesses & Organizations, you’ll learn how to:

  • Develop a strong Personal Brand & Marketing Action Plan
  • Create a memorable Brochure and Newsletter
  • Utilize Public Relations, the Internet & Special Events
  • Network and create Win-Win Alliances for ongoing referrals
  • And much more…

Product You®
How to Holistically Brand & Empower
Your Career

In today's fast changing workplace, every person is a unique composite of skills and talents. Utilizing a holistic combination of marketing, spiritual and career discovery techniques, we will teach you how to successfully brand and market your "authentic self" in the workplace and community. You will learn:

  • How to create a powerful Self-Marketing Action Plan
  • How to design a personal brochure, logo and slogan to position "Product You"
  • How to utilize spiritual, marketing and communication principles to attract clients, business opportunities or simply work in harmony with current staff

Spirituality and the New World of Work

In response to a long overdue need of individuals and companies, spirituality is slowly entering the workplace. Together, we will demystify spirituality into tangible actions that can be brought into your life and work. Some of the expressions of spirit we will discuss and teach practical applications for include:

  • Accessing/Expressing Creativity
  • Identifying and Clarifying Values
  • Use of Humor and Laughter
  • Increasing Self Awareness and Self Knowledge
  • Storytelling

Spirituality in the Workplace Discussion Group

The mission of Corporate Healers Inc. (CHI) is to bring out the best in people and organizations by unleashing their full potential. CHI believes that the "human touch" is what brings soul and balance to business. Together, we will explore the value of spirituality, transformation and healing in the workplace, while discussing how the individual can become empowered as an employee, employer or change-agent in society. Join us in an informal conversation where topics will be selected based upon the interests of the participants. This is an ideal opportunity to listen and be heard while networking with others on a community level.

For more information, schedules & registration,
please call Jordan Anderson, Executive Director
646-357-6345 or E-mail jordan@corporatehealers.com

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