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CHI was founded by Jordan Anderson, President of Product You Career Services, LLP. With over twenty years experience in Human Resource Communications, Jordan saw a need to reconnect companies with their value systems--as well as with their employees. He created CHI as a direct response to that need--and as a resource for companies and people seeking a healthier work-life balance. 

CHI combines an in-depth knowledge of human behavior and business with a passion for holistic transformation. Our marketers are skilled professionals who understand both transformation and the business world. CHI knows how the business world works. But more importantly, we know how it works best--when creativity is encouraged, when work has purpose and meaning, and when values are behind every job.

In the 21st century the key word is BALANCE--Successful organizations and individuals will utilize both intuitive and analytical skills. They will have the confidence to support others, and create a supportive environment around them. And their success will not be measured in dollars alone--but in how well their work nurtures the spirit. 

The results of CHI are healthier, happier, more productive companies, where all the parts work together as a whole. With the help of knowledgeable business professionals and holistic transformational experts, CHI helps develop your company's strongest resource: the human resource.

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