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Picture the human body: a pulsing, thriving organism whose health and well being spurs it forward. The integrated functioning of all the body's parts creates a synergy that propels this forward momentum. As the body expends energy, its own healthy balance creates more energy to use--thereby achieving the optimum balance. 

But when one part of the body breaks down, it causes a negative domino effect throughout the other parts. Just as a sinus infection can affect your hearing-and even cause toothaches!

It's the same thing for an organization: a healthy company with happy employees naturally propels itself forward by striving for (and succeeding at) ever greater challenges. All areas of the company--from shipping and customer service to Executives and CEOs--work together in harmony to ensure this positive energy feeds the system. As the company expends its resources to meet its goals today, the positive balance and harmony within the company (and the feelings of success) provide more energy to meet its goals tomorrow.

But when one part of an organization breaks down (such as communication between departments), the negative effects will be transferred to other areas. This breakdown can manifest itself in high absenteeism, high turnover, low productivity, and low morale--just to name a few. 

CHI's goal is to help your company function at its peak performance level--with all the areas working together--in harmony. We conduct a holistic assessment to see all the factors from all the angles that may be influencing a corporate imbalance. 

CHI gives organizations the information and tools to heal their imbalance by examining the "invisible factors" such as beliefs, attitudes and values. The CHI process leads to in-depth awareness and increased consciousness for all those in the organization-allowing them to improve their work, their lives, and the lives of others.

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